Friday, May 11, 2012

Spider-Man Rebooted Too Early?

In 2002 Marvel Studios released their first Spider-Man movie starring Toby Macguire; now just ten years later Marvel is set to release The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield; the question to you is, was it too soon to reboot a successful franchise?

Now many of you are probably already arguing over our use of the word successful, but let's face it folks, three movies and millions of dollars later grants it the privilege of being called a success.

It's not like Marvel had gone through all of the Spider-Man villains or that Toby Macguire was too old (born in 1975) to play the part that a call for change was absolutely necessary. Granted each of the three Macguire films had their ups and downs but what movie doesn't?

We were kinda happy with the original franchise too; Peter was out of high school and college, he had established his career as a freelance photographer, and best of all ended up with Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). Now we have to once again endure Peter's suffering in high school, watch as he tries to discover how to use his abilities, and now have to suffer through his crush on Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) not Mary Jane.

Did the reboot cost Spider-Man a spot in the Avengers movie?

Five years ago when Marvel first dropped hints that they were creating an Avengers movie, the internet started to run rampant with rumors of who the Avengers would be; at the time Spider-Man was a prime candidate to fill almost everybody's fantasy Avengers team.

Of course in the Avenger comics Spider-Man is often the talkative, try to find humor in every situation guy, which probably would have been a little much in the Avengers movie since Iron Man had this down pact. On the other hand, since the all out rock'em sock'em Good vs Evil battle was in Manhattan, NY, we kinda expected at least a cameo from Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume checking to see if he needed to help out or something. Guess it was too much to ask for.

What do you guys think? Too early? Not soon enough? Don't care? Hit us up in the comments below.


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Dominick Papandrea said...

I think it may be too early to tell. I'm interested in seeing how the movie will be. In a way, if it's a solid movie, I think I'd rather him not be in the Avengers. This way, the movie can establish the new (latest) Spider-man and he can hopefully make a huge entrance in Avengers 2. I will admit, I was hoping for a quick Spider-man cameo in The Avengers.