Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sci-Fi Wire's Star Wars Spoof List - Reviewed

As much as the folks here at Imperial Post love Star Wars, we have to say we were quite disappointed with Sci-Fi Wire's Nine Best Star Wars Spoofs. (Their article can be read HERE). Let's break it down.

First and foremost, why in the world do you place Clerks at number 1? Yes, it was a good movie, but are you really going to place this over Spaceballs? We don't think so.

Spaceballs belongs at number 1 on everyone's list of best Star Wars Spoofs, there just can be no arguing this fact. Oh and Mr. Brook's, G4, we're still waiting for the release of Spaceballs The Animated Series.

Since we enjoy Family Guy and love Star Wars we feel that Family Guy Blue Harvest should so be near the top of this list. The only real complaint we had was one of our favorite scenes from the celebration trailer was left on the cutting room floor. We do however look forward to the parody of The Empire Strikes Back.

Robot Chicken was also placed on the Sci-Fi Wire list and given the number 9 position. If you haven't read their article yet, then you don't understand what an injustice this is. Robot Chicken was not great, especially since it spans through the entire saga and was hyped up so, but it in no way deserves to be number 9.

Two fan films also made the list; Troops, which will always be a classic, and The Original Gangsta Rap. These actually deserve to be on the list even thou there are now probably over some several thousand fan films, some even better than these; however if not for these two setting the standards for quality, we would have to endure a lot more junk films.

Chappelle's Show, The Colbert Report, and SNL were funny, however they don't really belong on this list. If you feel that they do then we'd like to argue that shows like the Simpons, South Park, and most certainly Futurama belong here as well.

So now go back and reread Sci-Fi Wire's post HERE. Then tell us what you think, because here at Imperial Post we love to hear your Science Fiction Opinions, especially when it involves Star Wars.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Col. O'Neil vs. Col. O'Neil

In the blue corner we have Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil from the original Stargate Movie (Kurt Russell).

And in the red corner his opponent for the evening Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil from the SG-1 Series (Richard Dean Anderson).

Everyone does realize that the Col. O'Neil from the movie is suppose to be the exact same person in the SG-1 series, right? Yet have you noticed that their characteristics are somewhat different from one another.

The Jack O'Neil portrayed by Russell in the movie is a serious, take charge, do it by the books kinda guy. He needed what we'll call "dummy speak*" on rare occasions.

Jack O'Neil of SG-1 however spent most of his time attempting to find humor in every situation possible, and was constantly spoken too using "dummy speak."

There are still some similarities between the Jack O'Neils. One being that no matter what happens during the mission, your top priority is bringing all your team members home, even if that means sacrificing yourself. The second and the one we enjoy most, is that they both love to take cheap shots at Dr. Daniel Jackson.

As far as the actors portraying Col. O'Neil, we'd like to give a pat on the back to both casting directors for the fine decisions that they made. For each Col. O'Neil the appropriate actor was hired, and we have no complaints here in this department.

If we really had to pick a Col. O'Neil, well we just couldn't do it. We liked both characters and actors. Our guess is that if you get down to the nuts and bolts of each man, you would have a hard time picking just one too.

Keep in mind that you have to base one Col. O'Neil from a single movie, and the other from several television seasons.

*Dummy Speak - To have something explained using small, simple, everyday words.