Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Disappointment

Space Balls The Animated Series. Oh how we long awaited your arrival. But the wait is over, and so disappointed we are. Mel we’re sorry, but this is not the caliber of work we expected from you.

This show is like any other American cartoon; poor animation and poop jokes. Unfortunately this is what Americans have come to enjoy, but frankly, we are tired of it.

The one positive thing we found is that the spoof concept is still in place. The Lord of the Rings and Grand Theft Auto spoofs were not too terrible, in fact, these are the only two episodes we managed to watch all the way through.

So to end the misery let’s say that for another immature cartoon it’s great, but for a Sci-Fi enthusiast this falls short of decent.

Choose Your Weapon

The Science Fiction genre has offered us some of the greatest weaponry known to man and alien; everything from phasers to lightsabers, rail-guns to Death Stars.

But the time is now to choose your favorite. Any weapon of your choice; be it from a movie, TV show, anime, or video game, the choice is now yours.

Our Winner:


Gears of War

Not only does this weapon offer us that big bad@$$ gun feel, but it’s got a chainsaw on the front of it that opens up a whole new gory world. Plain old melee attacks will just never be the same.