Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comic Review: Batman Shadow of the Bat Annual #2

  • Writer: Alan Grant
  • Pencillers:Tom Raney and Joe Station
  • Inkers: Tom Raney and Horacio Ottolini
  • Colorist: Gina Going
  • Letterer: Albert Deguzman
  • Cover Painter: Brian Stelfreeze
  • Published By: DC Comics (1994)

In this issue we see what happens when the citizens of Gotham City know that Batman is Bruce Wayne; what lengths Batman will go to to protect those citizens; how the villains don't seem to be the actual villains; and how Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, is Batman's partner.

When Bruce's parents are killed it's Jonathan Crane who steps in and stops the gunman from taking Bruce's life as well. Crane then seeks and wins custody of Bruce, raising him in Wayne Manor along with faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Even with Crane stepping in as a parental figure, Bruce's life still leads him to becoming the Batman. While out on his first mission, he runs into the Joker who manages to unmask him, revealing his face to all.

Crane has created a toxin to keep evil minded people under control, and with Batman's and Wayne Enterprises help, has been pouring the toxin into Gotham's water supply for over two years.

The villain Anarchy has gathered Gotham's most ruthless villains to lead a multiple front attack on Gotham in hopes to putting a stop to Batman and Crane's plans.

Anarchy with Killer Croc, Clayface, and Penguin find themselves in the Batcave face to face with Batman, Crane, and Crane's new toxin. After a brief fight, Crane tells Batman to dispose of Anarchy, but Batman says he has sworn never to take a life, at which point Crane reveals that Batman has no choice but to listen to him because he's been pouring a mind control toxin into his water his entire life. However Batman manages to fight off the toxin and walk away from Crane with Anarchy; but not before placing an explosive on the toxin container which catches Crane when it explodes.

Batman then confesses what he and Crane have done and turns his fate over to the citizens of Gotham. The issue ends with the people of Gotham igniting Wayne Manor on fire and Batman standing on a balcony looking out over Gotham as he and his home burn.


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