Tuesday, October 26, 2010


If you ever have the opportunity to read the 2002 mini series Marville (six issues) then I will make this very valuable suggestion...


Turns out the only reason this series was published was because it was created by Marvel President Bill Jemas. Just really glad he got this out of his system and hasn't done it again.

Now the first two issues weren't too terrible. An interesting mixture of Marvel and DC characters interacting with one another, everything named for AOL, and scantly clad women that serve no other purpose than to be eye candy.

After issue two, issues three, four, and five become a long drawn out, and booorrriiinnnggg science lesson. Basically we get the Marvel version of evolution, and (SPOILER ALERT) guess what, Wolverine turns out to be the first human being.

Issue six is pretty much a recap with Kal-AOL (our main "Hero") telling someone who remains unseen his story and tries to sell him on the idea of publishing it in comic form.

(Notice how much we liked this series? Yeah it took us what five, six paragraphs before even mentioning the main character's name.)

There was a seventh issue released with the Marville title, but this just turns out to be a how to guide to get your own comics published through Marvel's EPIC (Really wish I knew this prior to wasting $2.50 on it)

The upside to Marville, well let's just say the cover art rocked. And yea, that's pretty much it.

Hopefully the next time someone decides to abuse their power to publish something, it will have a much better outcome. Although it won't be hard to top Marville. - GJ

Star Wars - The Old Republic #4 (Comic)

Blood of the Empire - Part 1

Star Wars - The Old Republic #4 is the beginning of a new story arc focusing on the Sith. The story follows a rising young Sith named Teneb Kel and his servant Maggot.

After proving himself to the Dark Council Teneb Kel is assigned the task of locating the Emperor's former Apprentice, Exal Kressh, a traitor to the Sith.

With fewer major players this storyline is much easier to follow than the previous issues, does not contain a lot of jumping around from place to place or person to person, and looks as though it will mainly follow Kressh and Kel with a few interruptions here and there.

The battle sequences have also been more promising. Not as quick, fights actually last an entire page, not just three frames and someone ends up dead.

This arc may just keep the readers coming back for more, so stay tuned and don't forget to check out part 2 (issue #5), available November 3, 2010. -GJ