Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Titanfall For PS4

Sadly Playstation players the best looking game seen from E3 2013 Titanfall will not be coming to a Playstation system near you. EA and Respawn Entertainment announced that the game will be exclusively for Xbox One, 360, and PC for it's entire lifetime.

However there is some possible good news, if Titanfall is successful and Respawn Entertainment gets itself established past the point of a startup, there is a possibility that future Titanfall titles could be brought to Playstation (of course never the first game).

Hopefully Destiny turns out to be a suitable replacement.


To The Comic Book Store #125

This was really the only comic we wanted this week anyways :(


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To The Comic Book Store #124

Here's this week's comic haul...


Beware The Batman Placed On Hiatus

Cartoon Network has announced that DC Comics' Beware The Batman has been placed on hiatus until January 2014. For fans of other DC shows like Green Lantern and Young Justice they know all to well what that means, Batman your time is done.

Beware The Batman will indeed air in January, but after it's remaining season's episodes air, the show will inevitably be done, cancelled like many other DC shows.

But the question now is why has this happened to Beware The Batman? It's Batman, how can fans not love this show enough for Cartoon Network to keep producing it? Well let's look at some of the reasons...

  • It's seems that it isn't always about numbers with Cartoon Network. Young Justice was one of the network's top rated shows and yet, was pulled an hour before air and placed on hiatus, which eventually lead to cancellation without any warning whatsoever.
  • Being that the show is entirely CGI may also have factored in, for it costs more money to produce each episode.
  • The show itself wasn't as exciting or grabbing as previous versions of Batman. The storyline was merely okay, the villains were lackluster at best.

The one bright side for Beware The Batman was the change in Alfred; not just being a mere butler but a butler with a military background and still having the physique to put that background to good use.

With yet another DC show biting the big one it's time to start pondering if the relationship between DC and Cartoon Network isn't beginning to show signs of deteriorating.

What do you guys think is it possible that Beware The Batman can be saved? Will you even miss this show once it's gone?


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recap: Star Wars: Rebels NYCC Panel

Here's a quick run down of the Star Wars: Rebels panel from NYCC 2013; but first we'd like to thank the following people for live tweeting the event and providing us with this valuable information!

  • Rebels premiere is still about a year out; will premiere with an hour-long episode on Disney Channel and then move to half hour segments over on Disney XD.
  • Simon Kinberg is writing the hour long premiere episode.
  • Dave Filoni was not in attendance due to the fact that he is in Asia working with the animation team.
  • Rebels will take place 14 years after Revenge of the Sith.
  • The planet Lothal will be one of the principal locations for the show.
[Planet Lothal of the Outer Rim]
[An alley on planet Lothal]

  • Animation style is distinct enough that they were unable to reuse anything from The Clone Wars. (Which is okay since we weren't really a fan of the animation style.)
  • Episodes will be shown in chronological order and follow the same group of characters. (Looks like the SW franchise is finally trying something new here.)
  • Stormtroopers will not be Clones! They instead will be regular citizens who "volunteer" to join the Imperial forces.
  • Some Clones will go on to train the new Stormtroopers while others will be disgruntled; per Lucas' notes.
[Stormtrooper Concept Art]
[Imperial Propaganda Poster]

  • No confirmation on who, but some TCW characters will make appearances; were questioned specifically about Ahsoka, but received no answer.
  • Series will focus mainly on the Empire and struggling Rebel forces, there will also be a prominent Bounty Hunter presence and limited Jedi (who are still being hunted by the Empire).
  • New Villain! The Inquisitor! Hired to help hunt down Jedi in the name of the Empire.
[Inquisitor with Stormtroopers and double-bladed lightsaber]
[Inquisitor pointing]

  • No soundtrack has been announced, however Dave Filoni does listen to specific John Williams tracks while animating.
  • Rebels is being developed much quicker than TCW because of the team's past experience on TCW.
  • A great deal of Rebels is being based off the work of Ralph McQuarrie.
[AT-DP Trooper Concept Art]
[AT-DP Concenpt Art]
[AT-DP Interior Concept Art]
[Tie Fighter Interior Concept Art]
[Speeder Bike Concept Art]
[Imperial Freighter Concept Art]
[Imperial Trooper Transport Concept Art]

Does this get you excited for Star Wars: Rebels or what! Look for more news and hopefully a new trailer in the near future.