Monday, September 14, 2009

Will They Come???

With almost everyone writing a blog these days, a new trend of websites that offer readers a prompt or question to help get their creative juices flowing have emerged.

After visiting many of these, including the Blogger promoted, we have noticed that there is a common prompt / question on just about every site;

"Do you believe contact with aliens will be made in your lifetime?"

Interestingly enough the common answer to this question is an astounding no. So many people believe that we are completely alone in the universe and that those who believe in aliens are out of their minds or immature and need to grow up.

The following is not to offend but merely point out the fact to those of you who throw out Bible facts and arguments when discussing alien contact, just keep in mind that no one has actually proven any of that information either, but you still believe in it.

Here at the Galaxy Junkyard we of course believe in such things as aliens and have good faith that someday we may even have an opportunity to have contact with them. To be completely honest, the following examples are a couple of entertainment theories that we believe could actually be revealed to be true.

* Men In Black (MIB) - This scenario just makes the most sense to us. With the way people act and just seem to have no common sense about them, we could definitely believe these are aliens from another planet disguising themselves as humans. The whole movie in itself is just practical.

* South Park - This is a little less practical but one that should not be ruled out as a possibility. In the episode "Cancelled" (Season 7, Episode 1) the boys learn that are lives here on Earth are nothing more than a reality TV show for the rest of the Universe to enjoy. Every creature on Earth was collected from other planets across the Universe and left on Earth for the mere enjoyment of others.

Although everything here could be wrong and our opinions absurd, because in the end life could simply be revealed as the Matrix. - GJ

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Remember This Video?

The following video is probably one of the best sci-fi music videos made, and the movie itself wasn't half bad either. Enjoy.


R2-D2 WTF??

This pic came up on Sci-Fi Wire over the weekend of 9/12/09 and I came to agree with them that this is a must see pic. Sci-Fi Wire found the pic over on Geekologie

No one is exactly sure where it originated from, but many assume somewhere out of Japan.

Oh and please feel free to insert your jokes in the comment section on this one. -GJ