Friday, February 12, 2010

Got Riddick

Read on that Vin Diesel will be portraying Richard Riddick for a third live action movie; Vin Diesel also voiced Riddick for the animated Dark Fury movie.

Other then a few production notes, nothing more is known about the upcoming film. It is mentioned that this film will also lean towards themes used in Pitch Black, rather then Chronicles.

Actually liked the Chronicles film better; felt there was a better view of what was going on in the Universe.

Pitch Black was a good film, but had more of a Horror theme to it then preferred for our Sci-Fi taste. This however is also a big reason why many enjoyed Pitch Black over Chronicles.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Please Mr. Lucas, End The Clone Wars

For several years now Cartoon Network as been running the animated series "The Clone Wars" and though we don't normally watch, it has come to our attention that this series is destroying that which was already paved.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones did enough damage to the Star Wars storyline on its own (no we still haven't gotten over the Boba Fett being a clone thing).

On a positive note it appears that the series is about to show us what we were expecting when the Clone Wars began in Episode II; the Mandalorians. But from the images shown on there are some issues.

    1. The armor appears to be identical for just about everyone. That is not how it was supposed to be. Each Mando was responsible for there own armor, no two were ever the same. 2. Why the hell are they wearing jet packs??? It was bad enough that Jango Fett was introduced with one, but then we figured that we could let that go, let it show why Boba Fett decided on one. But this was not a Mando thing.

There have been complaints circling the Internet for a while about how much this cartoon has destroyed the original story and many feel that since so many novels were wrote on the Clone Wars these should have been used instead.

Oh yea and we are still very upset about Anakin having a padawan. Bad move there George.

Anyone else have a complaint about this series?

Or for that matter, does anyone have a reason to why this show should remain on air?