Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kids Discussing Night of the Owls

While waiting to pickup dinner we had the pleasure of overhearing the following conversation...

  • Kid 1: "Dude this Night of the Owls series is awesome!"
  • Kid 2: "I know right bro. They outta kill one the Batman characters though"
  • Kid 1: "Oh dude that would be a total bad@$$ move by DC"
  • Kid 2: "Yea man, they should kill that Batwing loser, he sucks so much bro"
  • Kid 1: "Man what's wrong with you that's racist, fool I don't even know you"
  • Kid 2: "Come on dog that ain't racist, I'm part black, it's ok"
  • Kid 1: "I don't know dog, that just ain't right"

At this point they walked out the door.

They did make a valid point though, DC could stand to knock off a character from the Batman line; there really are a lot of people to choose from.

If up to you, who would you have the Talons take down?


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