Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Guy - Blue Harvest - Extended Scene

UPDATED 4/22/09 - YouTube deleted the original video source, so post has been resubmitted with a new video source.

The following video is the extended scene for the conversation amongst the Rebel Troopers aboard the Tantive IV while they wait for the upcoming battle. This clip was in the initial trailer seen at the Celebration event, then cut down for the TV airing and reinserted back to its original format for the DVD. Probably one of the best scenes because most Star Wars fans have also asked the same question, what would have happened if the Imperials had used another door?

Interesting Movie Fact #005

If you call yourself a Star Wars fan, and we know there are thousands of you, then you have seen every film about a hundred times. You watch these films so many times because you've seen what's going on in the foreground, but now it's time to check out what's happening in the background.

For Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, many people have noticed something interesting about the Rebel Troopers involved in the battle aboard the Blockade runner during the opening sequence.

We all know that most of those brave troopers in the image above will not survive the upcoming onslaught from the Imperial Stormtroopers.

However, even though they have met their fates, these same Rebel Troopers can be seen walking amongst the living on Yavin IV in the Rebel Alliance's base.

Of course we all figured that George Lucas reused Stormtroopers, and maybe even used actors to portray both Rebel and Imperial troops.

Secondary movie fact; Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), also appeared in The Empire Strikes Back as an Imperial officer on Bespin. -GJ

Monday, March 2, 2009

Remake, Remake...STOP Already!

Okay Hollywood, it's time that you start earning your money. No more going out and remaking films for profit. Come up with an original idea of your own, stop remaking what others have done.

We will allow for sequels, and we mean sequels, NO MORE PREQUELS!!!

Just so you know this article was sparked because it has been announced that there are plans for a "TOTAL RECALL" remake.

First of all the movie isn't that old, it had a great director in Paul Verhoeven, and some of the top actors at that time (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside).

We love the line "Get Your @$$ To Mars" but we don't love it enough to have it ruined in a remake.

If we could prevent Hollywood from making this remake, along with the hundreds of others that are planned, we would. - GJ