Saturday, May 5, 2012

FCBD Score

Got up early and headed to our local comic book store, Coliseum of Comics, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).

For those that don't know about FCBD, it occurs the first Saturday in May at participating comic book stores, and it's a chance to get some comics absolutely FREE.

For the event each of the different publishers create special preview issues or shortened issues, often containing multiple stories, letting fans know what all they have to offer.

Over at Coliseum of Comics, we had the opportunity to score 5 of the free comics; and here is what we came away with...

Also scored another free comic because Coliseum of Comics is running a promotion for those that bring in their Avengers movie ticket they can either get a copy of Thor #600 or The New Avengers #27. Since we already have a copy of Thor #600, we took The New Avengers #27 with the Coliseum of Comics variant cover.

While waiting for friends to show up, we also took the opportunity to sit in on a Heroclix game demo. It was a quick demo, just a two piece game, but can easily say this game would be so addictive if we had money. Would love to write or create battle reports for this game too, so anyone that knows a very cheap way for us to get involved in the game, hit us up in the comments.

In case you're curious I won playing as War Machine, while the store employee (sorry can't remember his name) played as Green Lantern. That's right, Marvel vs DC matchups are possible; in fact Heroclix makes figures for Marvel, DC, Watchmen, Halo, plus many more, and all can be mixed and matched to play your game.

Participating in the demo also earned me a free promotional piece; it was hard to turn down the War Machine piece, but when I heard him say Psylocke I was sold.

Click here for more information on Heroclix

All in all Free Comic Book Day was a fantastic day and we'd like to thank Coliseum of Comics for making it even better.

We'd love to hear how your FCBD was; what did your local comic book store do that was special for you? Which comics did you gobble up?


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