Monday, October 31, 2011

Vulcan Events Presents: Away Mission - Orlando

This should actually read Vulcan Events Presents: A RIP OFF!

First of all the event managed to have ads handed out the last couple of weeks with the incorrect pricing. The flyer read weekend general admission $20, but upon arrival we learn that that means $20 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, and $35 for Sunday. WTF? The entire event area was no bigger than the ticket area set up for MegaCon, and I only have to pay $25 for that show and have over a hundred more booths to see (plus an artist gallery, anime events, and tons of gaming).

I knew going in that it wasn't going to be a huge showroom; it was being held at the Walt Disney World Hilton Hotel, and not the Orange County Convention Center like all other big shows are.

Personally I would have had a hard time paying these prices even if I was a true Trekkie or Trekker. There may be a possibility that MegaCon has spoiled me, but $45 to attend this show I'm just unwilling to do.


Happy Halloween


To The Comic Book Store #50




Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To The Comic Book Store #49

My comic book store finally had Red Hood and the Outlaws #1! YAY!!! Wait, what do you mean issue 2 is out already? Sonofa...

Yeah I did buy both, but you can scroll down and see that. I'm just freakin happy that they finally got it in. Nobody wanted to admit that they forgot to order it, but it's obvious that's what happened.

A couple of the other regulars were still in when I got to the store, and one guy was again preaching about how they should simply choose their comics via if the front cover is painted over being just colored.

Don't get me wrong, it's usually cover art that helps me choose my free ones, but painted vs colored is kinda ridiculous in my book. But to each their own.

Anyways, here's this weeks stash...




Thursday, October 13, 2011

To The Comic Book Store #48

This week was my week to shine. After discussing several different series with some of the regulars, we ended up on the topic of the Marvel Civil War.

Now I haven't read every single issue of the Civil War series, but I have read enough to know what happens. So for 20 minutes or so, the floor was all mine. It was kinda nice because usually I'm the one getting schooled.

Of course the whole time I was talking I was sifting through the freebies, which I scored pretty well on (well a particular Daredevil / Shi issue anyways).

And here's the rest of the swag...




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Darth Maul To Appear In The Clone Wars

Darth Maul is set to return to the Star Wars universe in the Spring of 2012 in the animated Clone Wars. Now in what capacity, or how this is even possible (remember he was sliced in two by Kenobi), is still unknown.

Maul did make a very brief appearance during an episode in season three, when Savage Opress visited one of the witches; he could be seen in her crystal ball.

As a fan of Darth Maul, I have to be honest, I'm not happy about this. I mean, he's awesome and all, but he was cut in half, and then fell down a shaft. I'm pretty sure no Sith, no matter how powerful, survives this.

Maul has had a great impact on the Expanded Universe; ranging several stories taking place prior to The Phantom Menace, and was the inspiration of how all Sith were perceived in the Legacy comic book series.

Many people picture Maul looking as he did through the Visionaries concept (see above image). While others picture him some how being able to completely heal himself to be whole again. Of course search the Internet long enough and I'm sure you'll find some other outragious pictures.

Already having difficulties with The Clone Wars, this is not a step in the right direction in my personal opinion. But what do you guys think, is Maul returning something you feel is a good idea?


New Avengers Trailer


Friday, October 7, 2011

Which Batman Of the New 52?

Now that I've had the chance to read the three new Batman comics from the New 52 (I skipped Batman & Robin), I now face the problem of which series to continue reading?

Each contained stories that kept my attention, featured a multitude of characters, and artwork that I can actually stand.

The artwork is key to any comic for me, I don't care how well the story is or who is featured, if I can't stand the art, I'm not reading it. At the moment I think I'm leaning towards Batman: Detective Comics as the leader for this category.

I'm probably going to give each series a chance by reading up to issue 5, but after that I'm probably going to drop one, maybe even two titles; it's just to expensive, even at $2.99 an issue.

What do you guys think? Which series do you like? And should I consider test driving Batman and Robin?


To The Comic Book Store #47

There are few times I end up leaving the comic book store sad; this be one of those times.

It seems that everyone is working on some project; be it a comic, blog, tabletop game, or card game.

With everyone engrossed in discussions about what they have completed, what needs to be finished or fine tuned, and what they'll be working on next, I couldn't help but to think "What am I working on?"

Answer: NOTHING!!!!

I'm a freakin slacker.

Don't get me wrong, I have things I'd love to do, but for some reason (mainly lack of funds) I'm not working on anything.

But there are ideas swirling around in my head so hopefully in the near future I'll have something.

But in the meantime, enjoy this week's loot.