Friday, December 16, 2011

MS One: Maximum Security (Trailer)

Back on December 5, 2011 we posted a trailer to a movie called Lock Out, today we bring you an extended trailer for that film; just now it's under the name MS One: Maximum Security (no word why the name change).


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (Trailer)

Never been a big fan of Ghost Rider, and after the first film and seeing this trailer, quite possibly going to go ahead and skip this one altogether.

How about you guys; seeing it in theaters, on DVD, TV, or never at all?


Monday, December 12, 2011

SW: YJK - Jedi Bounty (Squidoo Lens)

Check Out Our New Squidoo Lens For "Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights - Jedi Bounty"


Battleship - Trailer 2

Who didn't grow up playing Battleship? Well now it comes to the big screen, aliens and all. Wait, in what version of the game were there aliens?

You know what, that doesn't matter, we love aliens, and this film actually looks promising. Or at the very least will provide us with a break from the ups and downs of a busy work day.

So far the only real flaw we've found with this film, is Rihanna. Seriously people, Rihanna? There are far too many others that can't act that we'd love to see before Rihanna. Oh well, may be she won't last long.

So who's gearing up for this one?


Men In Black III: Trailer

Agent J (Will Smith) must rescue Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) via Time Travel; yep this sounds right up our alley.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

To The Comic Book Store #56

Not only did we walk out of our local comic book store (Coliseum of Comics) with free comics this week, but we were also able to meet the creative team behind The Ultimate 7; Robert Wawrzyniak (Creator/Writer) and Shawn Surface (Pencils/Illustrator).

The guys were not only nice enough to sign copies of The Ultimate 7 but were more than willing to discuss the series and it's future in great detail; give you an opportunity to pick up issue 3 a week in advance (hits shelves 12/14/11); and Shawn Surface was also ready and willing to do a free commission pencil sketch. A good time was had by all.





Valiant Comics To Relaunch In 2012

In a press release on 12/8/11 Valiant Entertainment has announced the relaunch of Valiant Comics.

To kick things off for Valiant, the company is set to release comics for Free Comic Book Day (May 5, 2012) which will feature some of Valiant's big names; X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, and Harbinger.

After Free Comic Book Day, Valiant promises to place many exciting comics on shelves on a monthly basis.

To read more about Valiant's press release check out MTV GEEK!

R.I.P. Jerry Robinson

January 1, 1922 - December 8, 2011


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Live Action WildC.A.T.S Movie

Okay so this isn't something that's actually happening, but this is something I really would die to see; I grew up on the WildC.A.T.S cartoon and have quite an extensive collection of their comics, so I'm kinda a big fan.

This would also be a good opportunity to get another superhero team out there to compete with Marvel's X-Men or Avengers, and maybe even give DC a little bit of a push towards silver screen dominance (if done right that is).

It's not like the entire team is made up of unknowns either. Grifter just appeared in the Lois Lane Flashpoint series and now has a solo series that premiered with DC's New52 lineup, as does Voodoo.

In the past members Zealot, Spartan, and Warblade have also had their own individual series, so fans have had other opportunities to get to know these characters as well.

The only thing I ask is that WildC.A.T.S. creator Jim Lee gets final say in everything; script, actors/actresses, music, EVERYTHING. Jim Lee knows his creation, so it's only fair that he gets final say.

Now to find a way to make this happen...hmmm...

Anyone else out there like to see a live action WildC.A.T.S. film?


To The Comic Book Store #55