Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Icarus Hunt - Timothy Zahn

A riveting science fiction novel wrote by one of the best in the business. The Icarus Hunt is a story about a star freighter pilot named Jordan McKell who is hired to transport a ship with an extraordinary cargo in it's hold; a cargo that seems to bring out murderous intentions in everyone.

This novel contains many interesting characters, constant action, and will keep you guessing until the very end.

This is another superb novel by Timothy Zahn. If you've ever read any of Zahn's Star Wars novels, you know that he creates unforgettable characters, unbelievable environments, and plot twists that expand the story and leaves you wanting more.

If you read one book this year, I highly recommend The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn. You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Space, My Thoughts

Space the final frontier. If that isn't the biggest load of crap then I don't know what is. At the rate we are going, space will never be a frontier. Apparently man has made it to the moon; satellites have reached as far as Pluto, robots to Mars; we even have pictures of distant galaxies and planets populating them. So why aren't we, the average Joe, out there in space traveling like it's just another highway?

My feelings towards this subject I admit leave me confused. On one hand I want to be out there amongst the stars and am growing impatient with the government and their delay in open space travel. On the other hand, all of mankind needs a basic driving course before we all go up, because if you thought a crash on Earth was bad; remember there will be no chance of survival in space.

Many feel that space travel will lead to a territorial war. I have often pondered this, and came to the conclusion that he who reaches territories first should be allowed to claim them for their country. I also think everyone that complains about this leading to war needs to come out of their cave, because just about every single nation on this miserable little planet of ours is already at war.

However there have been recent talks that a race for the moon is gearing up. Most rumors currently surround the Chinese and there recent activities towards the open frontier. The way every other country has been slacking in their efforts, I would not bet against the Chinese. The moon has on more than one occasion been discussed as being a true line of defense against any so called alien visitors, be it that the moon is used as a military base, a center point of a new kind of weapon, or other various ideas you may have read from hundreds of Science Fiction novelists. The true concern for many is that if the moon is held by one country, that said country will use the moon for weapon placement and that placement will be back towards Earth. Hence I personally think the moon should never be held by any one country or any country for that matter. Leave the moon as is, we don't need to trash everything in the Milky Way, do we?

I would love to live a life like characters from Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek, or any of the hundreds of anime that involve space travel. But I know in my heart that this will never happen during my life time; I just hope that mankind's existence never has to count on space travel for it to continue.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Mars Theory

Have you ever wondered about Mars and what its past may have been? Well let me tell you about this little thing called the Mars theory.

To begin, let’s first look at some facts about Mars. First it has been concluded that Mars is possibly the only other planet in the Milky Way that could sustain life. There is water and ice on Mars. The rovers launched years ago have come across fossils and other artifacts.

So here's the theory; mankind once populated Mars. That's right we were on Mars. Hard to believe? For many that answer is a definite no. So what happened?

As usual where there is man there is war. It's said that Mars was a planet full of thriving cities, that contained hover cars, and other futuristic luxuries that we can only now imagine. These cities covered most of the planet, and there were just too many people per square foot. Of course no one is sure how but war of course broke out.

It's believed that at the start of the war mankind had already surpassed its current state of technology so this would have been worse than a nuclear war. The planet suffered greatly. Not only did many people die, but the atmosphere was destroyed. With no atmosphere there was nothing to stop any of the dust or sand particles traveling through space, and they eventually made their way onto the planet, thus bringing the redness that the planet has become. Layers upon layers have built up, covering the ruins of what had once stood tall and proud on Mars. In the minds of some, there is a belief that Mars and Earth were once the same size, but with the layers of dust and sand building, Mars eventually grew to a larger size.

As for how man made it to Earth, well the belief is that there were several large ships built underground on Mars and just before whatever weapon was used to destroy almost everything, those ships were launched.

The real question I must leave you with, is did all of those ships come to Earth?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Transfomers in IMAX

The must see movie of the year is back, now bigger and better! Transformers was the best movie of the summer, maybe even the entire year, and now it has been digitally remastered to make those giant robots look even badder than before.

This release is also slated to include a couple of extra bonus minutes, but it's said not to be that big of a deal. All I know is that if I get to see an additional punch thrown, I'm a very happy person.

This is a limited release, so hurry and don't let this opportunity pass.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best Stargate SG-1 Episode

The best Stargate SG-1 episode could be a topic to be debated for years to come, so here I'm going to give you my vote for best episode and if you'd like you can leave a comment stating your favorite.

My favorite episode is "A Window of Opportunity" which was run during the fourth season. In this episode Teal'c and O'Neil are stuck repeating the same six hours over and over again, and when Daniel Jackson informs them that it most be fun to live a life where no matter what you do there are no consequences, because in six hours you'll just repeat the day, the entertainment really begins.

This episode is hilarious, keeping your intention from beginning to end. This is a must see episode. I mean, come on, when was the last time you got to see Teal'c and O'Neil shoot golf balls through the star gate?

Check it out and let me know. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Batman: The Dark Knight

So talk about the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight has begun, and in my opinion this movie is going to be terrible. I did not like the idea of Batman Begins and the next movie is another step backwards in my mind.

First of all there was no reason to go backwards in the timeline. It was just something that screwed with the original back story, and now it's going to get worse. The villain for the upcoming film is none other than the Joker. That's right the Joker. Maybe I'm the only one that remembers this but the first Batman film had a guy named Jack Nicholson play the Joker, who we saw the creation and destruction of. So why another movie with the Joker? Please anyone?

Whats worse is the Joker is to be played by Heath Ledger, who was a respected by most until he did this film called Brokeback Mountain (which I never saw, and never will).

Some may feel that it's too early to make a decision on this film, which is to be released in 2008, but me, I've already decided that this is one film I'm not wasting my hard earned cash on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

eBay A Must

If you don't have an eBay account you must sign up for one immediately. There is no place better on the net for finding great products at good deals, you only need to know how to find them. With little practice this is no problem. Seriously though, if you don't have an account please click the eBay link under my awesome links and sign up today.

I have found many great deals and seen lots of items that I would love to have if the money was available.

You'll never know what will be found until you give it a try.

Happy Hunting

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Awesome Site For Readers

Do you like to read, but don't have the time? Own an iPod or mp3 player? If you answered yes to these questions, then I have a revolutionary website for you.

Leisure Audio Books

This is a must see.