Monday, July 22, 2013

Possible Justice League Movie Problem

So here's the problem I have with DC Comics' not even started Justice League film...

Member Characteristic Review


Obviously with Man of Steel just being released, a sequel already planned, and Justice League to follow that, it only makes since that Henry Cavill will be reprising the role of Superman, and this is where things go wrong. This Superman is not the usual goody-two-shoe boyscout we all grew up with in the comics, no this version is darker, willing to kill, and not too worried about collateral damage.

Green Arrow

It makes sense to have Green Arrow appear in a Justice League film, especially when you know the character has been well received on the small screen with the hit series Arrow, and Stephen Amell (the guy currently under the green hood) has already said he wants in. Personally would love to see this Green Arrow move from small screen to big, except that this archer is darker than his usual self and has no problem killing even when it could have been avoided.


Batman has always been a darker character than the other Justice League members, though he doesn't kill unnecessarily, and would rather work alone than with a team.

Currently we don't have a Batman actor since Christian Bale said he's through playing the Caped Crusader, but we also don't have a Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, or Cyborg, all of whom could be included in a Justice League film as well. But if you look at the three ready to appear characters, you can easily see that there isn't really a balance amongst them, they're really just the same character in a different outfit, and that's a problem.

Unfortunately that either means they have to forgo adding Green Arrow (or at least Amell's Arrow), or rewrite a character, which at this point would be be a very dangerous maneuver in of its self.

So the question now is how does DC resolve this problem, due they even see this as a problem? Or do we just go ahead and create darker versions of Flash, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the League and just go the route already started?


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