Monday, July 22, 2013

Comic Book Writer Brian Wood Overrated???

So far this year I've read two different series by comic book writer Brian Wood, Marvel's X-Men and Dark Horse Comics Star Wars, and so far I'm not overly impressed.

Wood's X-Men has been by far the most over-hyped series that I've seen in a long time, and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he's the writer; I do however think it has something to do with the fact that it's an all female X-Team, something which has never been done before. As far as story goes it's nothing exciting, and something about the way he wrote Jubilee drives me crazy (still haven't put a finger on what though).

When it comes to Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars series, well the first issue was okay, then it just took a turn for the worst. May be somebody paid good money to have Brian Wood write Leia as a crack-shot pilot (even the leader of an elite X-Wing fighter squad), but if not then this has to be the worst idea of all-time.

Now some people don't like to blame the writer for the artwork, but it's the writer's job to write the scene for the artist, so when Chewbacca decides to open the top hatch of the Millenium Falcon and shoot down a Tie Fighter there's nobody to blame but Wood, okay the editor too but Wood shouldn't have wrote the scene this way.

In case you don't know anything about Star Wars or the Millenium Falcon, there is a quad laser cannon on both the top and bottom of the Falcon, so why not use them!?!

It may be the fact that I've grown up on X-Men and Star Wars and I am being a tad bit critical, fore I have heard good things about Brian Wood's Conan series, also by Dark Horse, but I just have a hard time with everybody praising Brian Wood and his work.

Is there a writer or artist out there that you feel is overrated?


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Enny Giwa said...

Brian Michael Bendis. HE is an overrated artist in the context of X-Men, this, coming from a big fan of Wood's work, honesty and the fact that I'm a heavy proponent of his.