Monday, July 22, 2013

Attack On Titan - Live Action Film

[Concept Poster]

Although many places rumor it to be heading to screen on Sept. 07, 2018, this year's big anime title Attack On Titan is actually slated to be released in Japan sometime in 2014; those of us in the states may not see it until 2018 though.

Quick Synopsis

Man has been forced to live in cities that are surrounded by giant walls to keep out creatures called Titans, giant humanoids who like to devour humans for no apparent reason. After 100 years of living in peace within the walls, a colossal Titan appears and breaks down a portion of the outermost wall allowing access to the Titans to invade the human cities.

Now man has to learn how to defeat the Titans and take back their lands, before the Titans break through the final wall and devour every last human.

Anime Opening


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