Sunday, September 9, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Expected Character Appearances

The following are characters that we, and many others, hope to see before Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes to an end.

Han Solo

One of the biggest characters of the franchise must have an appearance, and it doesn't have to be big or even be very significant to the episode. In fact with the addition of the following character there is a simple scene that would make many Star Wars fans happy.

Lando Calrissian

Pair Han and Lando together, place them in a cantina, add a sabaac game and the bet of the Millennium Falcon, and you have the perfect scene to appear in a Clone Wars episode. See that's all it takes to make us happy.

Natasi Daala

Fans of the Expanded Universe have read a lot about Natasi Daala, and one thing we've come to learn from all that reading is that she was the former lover of one Grand Moff Tarkin. Since Tarkin already appears in The Clone Wars, it only makes since that Daala should make an appearance too.

Gilad Pellaeon

Pellaeon is another Expanded Universe favorite; well if you have a love for the Empire he is anyways. A nice little arc involving Pellaeon, Daala, and Tarkin could be done. Not only would this give fans of later novels in the Expanded Universe timeline a chance to see younger versions of these characters and their first interactions, but opens them up to a younger generation who may not yet know of them.


The Clone Wars does already feature a good number of Bounty Hunters, many of whom were created just for the show, but Zuckuss is one from the movies that would be cool to see messing with Fett's and Bossk's plans.

Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn)

If you've ever read any Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn that involved Thrawn, then this no doubt makes sense. Thrawn is not only the best Imperial officer of all-time, but he is around during the Clone Wars era; as seen in Zahn's novel Outbound Flight.

These are just some of the Star Wars characters we'd love to see make an appearance in The Clone Wars animated series. Who would you like to see?



Maurice Mitchell said...

Great list. I can do without Han Solo, but Lando would send me over the top.

Kalex said...

I don't think Han Solo and Lando are a little young to be appearing in the Clone Wars unless you put them in as little kids.