Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back-Story Rewrite: Kitster is Dengar

Yes, the famous Kitster from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace has an official back-story according to Wookieepedia, but that doesn't stop people from bugging The Clone Wars Animated Series producer Dave Filoni about where Kitster is, and it doesn't stop us from providing another alternative to his whereabouts.

Also we are aware that bounty hunter Dengar already appears in The Clone Wars in season 4, but our idea still works.

First let's go with Kitster being freed from slavery and leaving Tatooine to become a smuggler. While out on a run there is a terrible accident that leaves him broken and a little deranged; in his mind this is the day that Kitster dies, and his alter ego Dengar is born. He cheated death as a smuggler, so of course now he feels invincible as a Bounty Hunter.

See, and now Dave Filoni has a where Kitster story.

What, they changed Boba Fett's back-story so why not give this a try?!?


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