Saturday, September 14, 2013

How You Know Power Girl Is DC And Not Marvel

(Image provided by Deviantart user: CrystalGraziano)

Overheard these kids talking today while out getting dinner; their topic of discussion, the simple way to tell that Power Girl was created by DC Comics and not Marvel.

First it was pointed out that it has nothing to do with her overly large breast, nor the skimpy costume she wears, because that's a trait of both companies when it comes to their female characters (can't argue that).

No what it comes down to is as one kid said "quite simple", for if Marvel created Power Girl her breasts would not only be large, but her nipples would fire lasers, and apparently DC wouldn't disrespect a woman to that level.

You know this is kinda deep stuff from a couple of twelve year old kids.

But what do you guys think, would Marvel have given Power Girl laser firing nipples or could DC make this part of her next redesign?


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Mark Metzler Jr said...

The real difference is, DC Characters tend to lack a defining defect or common man weakness. Marvel characters are all shouldered with them.