Monday, November 5, 2012

Thoughts On Disney's Purchase Of Lucasfilm

First we must start off by saying that we never thought Disney would go out and buy Lucasfilm, nor did we expect them to do it for only $4 billion either. And with any major company buying another there are always pros and cons (or in this case more like concerns).

The biggest concern for many was that Disney, a company that mainly focuses on producing content for children, now owns Lucasfilm, the company that brought us Star Wars. For many of us, after a very long deep breath, we came to realize that every things going to be okay and that this isn't the first time Disney has bought a company that made people cringe. Remember back in 2009 when Disney bought Marvel (also dropping $4 billion then too)? There was panic then; but since then we've seen many great Marvel films, which included a fantastic Avengers movie, and the comics and toys have remained at the same standard that they were prior to Disney's purchase. So now relax Star Wars fans, remember these guys have produced many successful live-action films which not only include multiple Marvel films, but also several Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure films.

The other concern is that Disney immediately dropped the bombshell that there will be an Episode 7, 8, 9, and more to follow every 2-3 years. Of course you can't help but be a little excited by this news, but then that feeling of dread starts to sink in; where in the timeline do these films take place? Are the original characters going to return? Will 7 through 9 be based off of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy or some other set of books from the Expanded Universe?!?!

Well here's what we know so far...

  • These movies will not be based off the Thrawn trilogy - we are sad about this, but on the other hand glad that Hollywood doesn't have a chance to destroy a fantastic piece of literature.
  • Films will still revolve around Luke Skywalker - would have preferred a new hero; and location for that matter, say something maybe in the Corporate Sector outside of Republic and Imperial space.
  • George Lucas met with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher back in August prior to the sale and both seem ready to jump on board with Episode VII - problem is Harrison Ford isn't on board yet and there isn't anyone else that can fill his shoes as Han Solo (and Disney better not even try).

The only real major con with the entire Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and the Star Wars name, is what will these future films do to the currently established Expanded Universe? Seriously folks, the prequel films tampered with the Expanded Universe and The Clone Wars animated series almost completely destroyed all novelizations put into place between Episode II and Episode III; can you image what the destruction could end up looking like for the Expanded Universe? We shudder just thinking about it.

But alas there are some positives to the madness (other than of course the major fact that we get more Star Wars films).

  • Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm also comes with Lucasarts - there are no worries for anything already in development like Star Wars 1313, but hopes rise that with new eyes looking at things, maybe somebody over at Disney will once again green light the Battlefront III project.
  • Star Wars comics will remain under contract with Dark Horse for the time being - as an avid comic reader and one who enjoys multiple titles produced via Dark Horse this is great news; but obviously once their contract expires, Marvel (remember owned by Disney) will take over. Not a bad thing of course and for many comic book readers you may remember that Marvel once had the rights to do Star Wars comics.
  • The Clone Wars animated series has probably been saved for at least another season - with Cartoon Network moving the show from Friday night to Saturday morning, and after witnessing the abrupt, no warning, no apology removal treatment of DC's action block, many were starting to wonder if an end was near (including show producer Dave Filoni as well). But since Disney has their XD channel, it makes good sense that after season 5 finishes up (or is pulled) on Cartoon Network, Disney XD will gladly air at least another full season (and anything pulled) to drive their ratings higher.

Though we fear for the Expanded Universe, and probably always will, we are still very excited for what will come out of Disney and Lucasfilm in the future and look forward to trying to acquire the thousands of action figures that are sure to follow. People say change is good, well folks we have change, so let us prepare for the good.

Feel free of course to drop a comment below and tell us how you feel about this new endeavor of Disney's; what you look forward too, what you fear will take place, or anything else that comes to mind.


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