Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review - R2In22: Episode 1

Premiering last week was R2In22; a 22 minute podcast hosted by Andy, Mike, Adam, and Jen.

R2In22 includes current Star Wars headlines, game reviews / previews, The Clone Wars cartoon recaps, comic book coverage, and probably more than you'll ever want to know about Star Wars action figures.

This Week's Topics Included:

  • The Clone Wars Episode 19 'Massacre' Recap
  • Discussion of the 2012 Action Figure Line-up
  • Dawn of the Jedi Comic Book Review
  • The Old Republic Video Game Review
  • Top 10: Sith My Kids Say

This podcast runs smoothly from topic to topic, with an adequate amount of time spent on each subject; all four hosts are very knowledgeable in the Star Wars Galaxy; and it has a little something for everyone; be it if you're gamer, comic book enthusiast, or collector.

Although just to pick on Adam for a minute, during the discussion about the 2012 action figure line-up, Adam brought up that Mara Jade was the winner of the Fan's Choice Figure and that this would be the first time she'd be available other than in the old comic book pack, however he failed to remember this...

Now other than this little Mara misinformation, everything else was spot on and very detailed.

We give the first episode of R2In22 5 out of 5 Death Stars and look forward to the next podcast.


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