Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Thoughts: Hasbro's Rogue One U-Wing

A couple of days ago our friends over at From 4-LOM to gave us our first look at Rogue One's U-Wing from Hasbro; and today we are ready to share our first thoughts after seeing the reveal.

First thing above all else is the fact that it's another Nerf missile gun. For some this is great, for those like us, it's a meh feature. Hopefully with the U-Wing being a smaller craft the Nerf gun will be removable.

Size, now there's another problem. The U-Wing is not a single pilot starfighter, it's a troop transport, and at first look, this toy doesn't look like it'll hold more than a single figure in the cockpit area (hopefully, if you recall, The Force Awakens X-Wing failed to fit a figure in it's cockpit).

Don't worry, there are positives amongst our first thoughts. Like, good grief that U-Wing design is amazing! Yes it's another ship that isn't made to scale, but the overall design is something we love. Second, the Cassian Andor action figure (with blaster) looks pretty neat too.

The U-Wing is rumored to retail in the neighborhood of $50, and may or may not be available on Force Friday (9/30).


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