Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is This The Future Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper?

Found this cool looking image over on Tatooine Blog, of what appears to be a concept piece of what a Republic or Rebel (take note of the symbol on his armor) stormtrooper would look like.

Of course since this appears while rumors swarm around the Internet about Episode VII, we can't help but to hope that this is what the future holds for the Stormtrooper for the upcoming films.

What do you think, would you like to see this as the new stormtrooper?

Also in case you decide to visit the Tatooine Blog, I've gone ahead and translated this particular post for you; the original is in Croatian.

"I reckon it will be probably be epVII Stormtrooper, because they are what most strikingly in the SW-in, particularly in the OT-in. One attempt at retro-clones, and generally attempt entire prequel trilogy-in every possible aspect I did not not like it. Account, also, that since the Galactic Empire destroyed (aside from the harrowing factions of his remains in the EU), 30 years after the Battle of Endor, you some soldiers will defend the New Republic. For this reason, I imagined this "Republican" Stormtroopers. Generally, the Republic restored to retain something of pragmatism Empire, where it might lead some to question the original ideals of the Republic. It would be too secular, should not rely on anything like the Jedi order (which probably will not be, except Luke, probably, with perhaps here and there some followers). I think this would be a good source of plot - New Republic that sinks to a new dictatorship. Luke would have watched this at the margins, and of course, all this trying to change."


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