Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End Of Our Star Wars Action Figure Collecting

With great sadness it has become apparent that we have reached the end of a long traveled road; we have finally given up hope and thrown in the towel; our Star Wars action figure collection has reached it's peak.

Yes on a rare occasion we may pick up a figure here or there, but no more will we go out of our way in search of our precious Star Wars action figures.

Here are the reasons for our madness...

  • First and probably the most important reason, PRICE. Back when figures again hit shelves in the mid-90s $5.99-$6.99 wasn't great, but at today's $10.99 we'd give up an arm to go back to those prices. The figure size and number of accessories have remained constant, as has package size, so what are we now paying for? Different artists to do the packaging? The figures to have articulation (which with some of the new waves there is less of)?
  • Due to Hasbro's wonderful distribution procedures new figures are dang near impossible to find in stores. We all have looked at the exact same figures, on the exact same peg, in some cases for over 8 months. For sanity's sake we started to rearrange the pegs and turn figures backwards just so the spot doesn't look the same every time we go to our local Target, Wal-Mart, or Kmart.
  • The final wave of 2012 being an ONLINE ONLY wave also contributes largely to our decision. Granted their is one, maybe two figures we want out of the line, this is still just too ridicules. This is also where price comes in again. We are already paying out the butt for figures on eBay and Amazon, but the retailers that carry Star Wars figures online, start their pricing out at $28, $30, $35 as well. What makes this final wave worth that price?!?! Do they walk or talk???

Yes hobbies, collections, are expensive, but we all need to keep in mind that these are kid's toys. Toys that if collectors can't get their grubby hands on, kids have no hope of ever seeing or playing with.

If Hasbro loses their licensing and/or someone that knows what they're doing over there is put in charge, we may (doubtful though) pickup collecting full time again.


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Dominick Papandrea said...

I'm very sad to hear this but your reasons are noble. I'm happy to see that you have your collection in perspective. It's always something you can go back to.