Sunday, February 19, 2012

Megacon 2012: Lego Displays

It's just amazing what people can do with Legos these days.

**Sorry for any blurriness**
Desert Stand Off
Medieval Times
Some sort of village (your guess is as good as ours).
City 1
City 2
City 3 (Look closely and you'll see the Batmobile)
City 4 - Zombie Attack!
City 5 - Ghostbusters
RD-D2 and a Dragon
Star Wars Celebration VI
Medieval Castle
Drive-Thru (Star Wars: A New Hope was playing)
Space Life 1
Space Life 2
Space Life 3 - Domed City
Space Life 4
Battle of the Planets
More Battle of the Planets
Back To The Future's Delorean and another custom vehicle
Star Wars Lightsabers and Blasters
Star Wars' R2-D2, a stormtrooper, and the heros of A New Hope
501st Legion logo
Exo-Force models

Well that pretty much wraps it up for the Lego displays, hope you guys enjoyed seeing them.


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